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Closing and Cancellation Procedure

Career Development Center and CDCs New 2 U

Cancellation Procedures. 

Before CDC cancels work this year due to inclement weather, you should know the process used when it decided to close.  Our primary consideration is for the safety of the consumers and staff of our agency.   If at any time we do not cancel or close and you believe the safety of the individuals you care for is being compromised due to the weather conditions, please do not risk their safety. Since our agency covers 7 counties, parts of our service area may be safe to travel while other parts may not.

Prior to our decision, we talk to the bus company about the condition of the roads and the weather patterns that seem to be developing. Based on that information, we make the decision to cancel work, begin late, or allow work to start on time. Obviously, it is not an exact science. Again, we try to err on the side of safety.


Once we have been cancelled, we will send out an automated phone message with the closing details.  We will also alert the local media so that they can broadcast the news. The following media will be available to keep you informed.

RADIO:  WFIW radio station


SOCIAL MEDIA:  Career Development Centers Facebook page


We want to inform you that, in response to COVID–19, the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) is taking extra precautions to keep individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities safe and providers supported during this time. They have mandated that a Community Day Services, including Career Development Center, close beginning May17, 2020 through April 15, 2020 or until further notice.  

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