Wayne County Recycling

Closing Date January 31,2020


Things Happen.


Education & Outreach

Making a Difference

Is your school or organization interested in scheduling a tour of your local recycling Facility?  

Would you like someone to come to your school or organization and talk about recycling?


Contact us to set up a time!  We are more than happy to show you around.  

Thank You Green Patrons

A Big THANK YOU to our Green Patrons. Your support of the the Wayne County Recycling Center is truly appreciated!
If you see anyone listed, please thank them for supporting recycling in Fairfield.
First Baptist Church- Gold Patron
Kawanis Club- Gold Patron
O'Daniel Trust- Silver Patron
Carter and Son- Platinum Patron
The Grubb Family- Green Patron
Pollard Investments- Gold Patron
Both Family- Double Platinum Patron
One Step Ahead- Gold Patron
McGahas Liquor- Silver Patron
Rustique- Green Patron
FNB- Gold Patron

Frequently asked questions

Pallet Delivery

This service is always included in the price.

Your shiny-new printer will be delivered by way of a freight delivery service.

Our drivers are only insured to deliver the pallet to the entrance of your premises, so you will need to ensure that there are at least 2 people available to get the pallet into your building.

Note - There will be a fair amount of packaging and a pallet to dispose of.

Pallet Delivery & Engineer Installation

As before - The pallet will be delivered to the entrance of your premises, only this time we'll contact you to book an engineer visit.

You must ensure that the printer is assembled and put on the stand, then our engineer will set it up, install it on your network and show you how to use it.

Note - There will be a fair amount of packaging and a pallet to dispose of.

Turnkey Delivery & Installation

Sit Back & Relax!

This is our premium service - We'll pre-build your printer at our warehouse and use a 2 man crew to deliver it to the precise spot where you want it in your building.

We'll then set the printer up on your network and show your staff how to use it.

You won't need to lift a finger, and we'll even dispose of all of the packaging!

Note - Deliveries via this service can take up to 7 days to arrive.

After we have received your order, a member of the Plotterbase team will call you to book your delivery in with our logistics team.